July 4, 2012

Summer time and the tomatos are ripe.

Gardens begin producing the most wonderful blessings, just like these.

None more wonderful than these. Tomatoes! At the Bullet Proof Cafe tomatoes are such a favorite item on the menu. They are eaten fresh on the standby Tomato and Bacon Sandwich and so many other ways. Here are a few.

Sliced and roasted with garlic, celery seed, green onions.How about Stuffed Tuna Salad Tomato with Virginia’s sweet pickles?

In the morning, use them on a Fritatta with herbs.

Some fine lunch is Macaroni and Cheese finished with green onion and roasted tomato.

I love Burritos. A chicken filled flour toritlla topped with Pico De Gallo using big chunks of fresh tomato and jalapino.

A life long favorite. PIZZA with fresh tomato top. Sometimes they get baked, sometimes sliced fresh on top.

Use some of the leftover pizza dough and make Roast Chicken Breast “En Croute” on sliced tomatoes.

I love them sliced as a side for Pan Sauted Red Fish.

The Roadhouse Menu at the Cafe includes Hamburger Steak and Mushrooms with Tomatoes and $1,000 Dressing.

On the side with broiled catfish. Zuchini with browned bits goes so well.

It goes on and on from there, never ending in the bright, acid flavor they bring to a plate of good food.

Thank you, Sunshine.

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