Simply A Great Dinner

Will gave me some different peppers. I got an idea for a side dish to accompany Chicken Marsala that was on the menu tonight at the Bullet Proof Cafe. They are so fresh.

Start with pealing off the skin which involves some charring.  Be patient, char, then place in an old time paper bag and let them steam. From there the skin falls off.

Finished Product!

Now, it’s a matter of how do you wish to present them. I chose a simple salad.  Fresh summer tomato, some herbs, olive oil. rice wine vinegar, salt, black pepper…

While that’s going on……..have a snack.  How about a pretzel with blue cheese, cilantro.  Makes the single malt warming and full………….

Chill the salad and serve it. It’ll rest while the entre is prepared.

At this point you must prepare the chicken scollaps.  Chill a chicken breast to just under freezing.  It’s about “good” chicken. Yes, I use Miss Goldie.  Use a sharp knife (OK VERY SHARP) and slice very thin several pieces like you see here. Again, be patient.

Make sure everything is ready.  Chopped, sliced, diced, poured,,,,,all that………close by the stove.

 Now. dredge the chicken in flour, saute it in olive oil until brown and place it in the warm oven while you prepare the sauce.  The chopped garlic is now in the pan with butter and cooked until just limp. Add the Marsala and reduce it by half.  When you are ready, add the chicken stock and reduce what’s left by half.  Be patient, it’ll get there. Watch and enjoy.







Yes, it looks the same. Smell it, it’s not.   The sauce reduces. Remove the chickenn from oven, place sauted chicken in the sauce, place some lemon wedges on the heated chicken, and return to oven for 10 minutes.   Serve. 

A very simple white wine. Enjoy!

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