Ukulele Lady

Around 1965, It happened that, with my guitar bought in “Memphis Tennessee, Jug band music sounded so sweet to me. Well, it sounds so sweet. Oh, Oh, Oh, It’s hard to beat. Jug band music certainly was a treat to me”.¶ Another \”Jug Band Music\” Lover

Here is an example of the Real Deal.  Again a bit o’ lookin’ on YouTube, perhaps the greatest thing ever since yeast got mixed with sugar, finds this treasure of what a Jug Band truly was.  Too bad I had no chance to touch these people. ¶ Real Jug Band Music

Anyway, this 33 1/3 of Jim Kweskin’s Jug Band music became a worn out disk from listening and learning every song. Did I get them right? No, but I do still love them so. Ukulele Lady” was a particular favorite.

It’s an “evergreen” song by Gus Kahn and Richard A. Whiting. Published in 1925, the song was first made famous by many true musicians like Vaughn De Leath, Paul Whiteman, Arlo Guthrie, and Lucinda Williams. Bette Midler performed the song live in the 1997 TV special “Diva Las Vegas” and later recorded the song for her album Bathhouse Betty. ♫ It’s a fun song too, sung by non-musicians like Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy and even Peter Sellers, a favorite actor.

“Evergreen” means that the song is so good, so universally loved, that it grows again music season after season, style after style, artist after artist. It abides with me, for sure. So here it is, an amateur production from the Cozy at the Bullet Proof Café. £  Ukulele Lady

¶ Thank You: YouTube
£ Thank You: Robbie Scruggs Photography
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