Living with Rules, or simply Living

 It’s hard to live by Rules.  Rules conjure up images of Authority.  They cut away at being free.  Still, we all do to one degree or another. If one looks aside at the particularly painful side to rules, there is a brighter side where one finds a few that are a pleasure to follow.  One example is the list of four rules that always spell success for my days.  Here they are:    

      1. Try to learn something new every day.  Large or small, it matters not.  Pay attention and think about it after it becomes noticed.  That way, it’ll be nourished and grow, spreading into so many others patches

      2: Have some fun. Fun brings laughter, it’s so contagious. The day goes faster, things become more productive, and usually lead to….

      3. Make a new friend.  The whole existence we enjoy becomes more meaningful if it gets shared.   A friend is someone to whom we give.  Makes little difference what we give, so long as its free and good.

      4. Beat someone.  One does not have to be the BEST, it only matters that we work hard, given what resources we enjoy, so as not to finish last.  That way, we each work hard and accomplish something positive.  It is not about competing, it is about confidence. 

  So, there they are.  Try them, they really work. Sit down and see if you followed them all today. Early today, I did. 

 Because I took a chance one afternoon several years ago by saying “Hi” to a lady in the Denver airport who was carrying a guitar- thereby following Rule #3.  Following #3 that day, led to following today’s #1.  Check it off the list.

All it takes sometimes is a taste of cah…cah……cah…..courage to say “Hi” to a total stranger, without fear of rejection.  It doesn’t hurt, not for long anyway. The “Hi” can be totally rejected with a sneer on the face of that stranger, and that’s about as bad as can happen.

 Turned out this person and had a common bond.  A guitar with caring for.  She’s a songwriter/singer who spends her days jumping between the mountains of Massachusetts and those of Colorado. Bernice Lewis has two feet, and she stands squarely upon them.  I like that kind of confidence.


 So we exchanged e-mail addresses, and that was that.   One day after, I got an e-mail- Bernice Lewis newsletter.  All kinds of news about her songwriting, teaching, and performing.  She even does House Concerts.  That’s a neat personal touch with fans.

 Today brought one of her news letters. They come monthly, proving that she is the consistent type, sticking in there still standing on that foundation of confidence.  I caught a glimpse of the 1st subject-

 The Ladies Auxiliary Ukulele Orchestra at Dewey Hall in Sheffield”. 

 Whoa, I do love a Ukulele.  Even spelling it is a joy.  One of my favorite songs is a Jim

Kweskin Jug Band tune, Ukulele Lady.  She lingers in the moonlight, you know?

  The Devine Miss Bette

 Another of the Ukulele links took me to Mumford and Sons.  Ever heard of them.  Their music is pretty powerful.  I told you before this thing spreads into so many other patches.

 Mumford & Sons

 Still another caption caught my eye. “Finding Your Voice:  a workshop for singers and wanna-be singers”.  It went on:  “You sing in the shower, in the car when you’re alone, and it always feels so good! We’ll talk about the cultural phenomena of Silencing……”  

  Oh Fun, another trail to follow

 And there is was.  A new word. Afine word. A word that causes pause. 


 It’s a French word for “Sunflower”.  Translated it means “turns towards the sun”. For sunflowers, turning towards warmth and nourishment is natural.

 # 3 led to #1.  So, Turn toward the sun, Little Darlin’, turn toward the sun……and so it goes!

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