Mundell Lowe Came Home

Absent for more than fifty years this icon of 20th Century Jass and arranger of Music Scores for Hollywood Cinema came home to Laurel bringing masters to sit beside him and produce world class music that made the audience feel like adults in the company of world class talent.  To Mundell’s side was another master, Floyd Wells who played a rare 7 string Gibson.  He had the touch, the expertise to support the Star with base foundations and inspired lead licks that made the Star’s work more important.  My goodness, their work was wonderful.  Then came a standup bass man whose voice, unobtrusive yet pure, really hit home for the trio.  Mose Allison was there in spirit, regardless of the faux pax stating that Mose is a Coast man, when truthfully his foundation is all Delta.  Out of the Jones County land came Bob Sanford to add his Chetlike thumb drive.  Joy in one’s heart is contageous.

The concert was so fine.  Sadly, sitting through a warm up, left me itching.  I wished for Mundell’s entire 1 1/2 hour show that I had been sitting at a table with a stemmed rose filled vase in the Vuillard Rooms of the Helmsley Palace in NYC dressed, being so adult and listening to world class music art.  Yeah, the heart of the concert was fine.  Laurel’s downtown Reserve would have been a great place to hear them as well.

The Laurel Little Theater is a treasure.  Thanks to leaders like George Jackson, the venue makes the performers look good and Laurel a classy place, where less is more.  Promote some more of these class acts, please.

There is fine music in Laurel.  The Jagged Edj later that night was so much fun.  Those travelers do form a union each time they meet.  Neil Thames works so hard and enters Nirvana with Hosey’s first lick.

Even next Sunday afternoon, myfavorite brand of gospel music will be showcased that the Morning Star Baptist Church. Albert Ray, with a voice that inspires any music lover, will be singing with his friends that pure music for a full set.  I just gotta go hear them.

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