Mississippi Catfish Burrito

Lots of people enjoy Fish Tacos.  I do too.  One night when I was planning put them on the menu at the Bullet Proof Café, at the last minute I found that I had no corn tortillas anywhere.  Looking around I found some 12” flour ones and thought,  “Why not a Burrito?”  I poured a glass of wine and got started. 

It only takes a little time to cook the fish, so get your fresh salsa ready before broiling the catfish.  Chop some onion about the size of green peas.  I prefer purple onion, but any will do.  Chop some tomato the same size and the good news is that in winter, Roma tomatoes are just fine once the seeds and pulp are removed.  Avocado is next, and add them together.  Cilantro gets chopped in coarse pieces.  Then some jalapeño chopped the same way is added, with our without the seeds.  Gently toss these ingredients in a bowl. 

As you work up of the salsa, put some oil in a pan with some of the chopped onions.  Add some whole kernel corn, a taste of the chili powder, some lime juice and cook until the onions are limp and cooked through.  Season with salt and pepper and jalapeño to taste.  

Now start broiling the seasoned catfish.  It’s so easy.  Rub the catfish with a bit of oil and put on salt, pepper, a shake of garlic powder, and a taste of chili powder and cumin.  You can substitute a little taco seasoning.  It works just fine.  Place the catfish under a preheated broiler until firm and beginning to brown.  You know ‘firm’ by removing the fish from the broiler and gently poking it with your finger.  Firm is just that.  Flip the fish over and broil a bit more until the surface is dry and that side is firm. 

While the catfish broils, grate some cheddar cheese.  Chop some crisp lettuce. Set these aside for later. 

In small bowl, mix three TBS of sour cream, a TBS of red or green chili sauce, a TBS of lime juice, pinch of salt, and a pinch of cayenne.  Mix these together to make a sauce to place on the finished Burrito.   

Place the flour tortillas in a damp towel and put it in the now warm oven, broiler off.  

Season the salsa now.  To the bowl of salsa, add one TBS lime juice, salt, and ½ tsp of cumin.  Gently stir this around, with the object to keep the vegetables fresh and crisp.  

At this point, you are ready to construct the Burritos and serve. 

Place a filet of the catfish in a tortilla lying on the work surface. Put some of the cheese and lettuce on the warm fish, add some of the cooked onion and corn mixture.  Fold the tortilla into a round with the seam on the bottom to hold it. 

Place the Burrito on the plate, and over the top place some salsa.  Over that pour some of the sour cream sauce.   Serve it. 

On this plate you see some frijoles blanco.  Ask me by commenting here on the Blog if you want this recipe.  Es Muy guapo, Mi Amigo!



Go wash the dishes with a smile.

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